Here’s your new tool shed
that really has it all.

We think: Every idea has the right to be realized. That's why we provide every creator, maker and do-it-yourselfer with just the professional tools he or she needs. Anytime via app – and charged by the minute. You start with a small minimum rental price, which includes all consumables and the first hours of use. This way, you don't just put your ideas into practice in a snap. You also save a lot of money, space and support the responsible use of resources. Great idea? Then off to the tool pool – and right into your next project.

Your kurts team

How it works?
It's simple.

Download the kurts app to your smartphone and sign in.


Check online which tools are available in a station near you.

Make reservations for tools and pick them up at the station 24/7.

Open the station with your smartphone and start your project.


As soon as you have returned the tools, you will get the bill: by email – and at the lowest rate possible.

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We love being close to you. That's why we're planning even more stops: all over Europe – and soon in your area, too.

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kurts, who are you?

We are a very (very) old family business that likes to strike new paths. Where to, we will tell you here.

Our tools

Discover our toolpool and look for tools in your area. Just select a station, choose a category and get started.

One cube, one city

Depending on the location, our stations come in two formats: one for the super-broad selection – and one for the city.


Daily news
  • Hey Hagebaumarkt Mainz!

    The idea of tool sharing continues to grow! With a wide variety of partners in different cities, kurts toolbox makes profit tools easily available via app. We are now also collaborating with hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG in digital tool rental. At Hagebaumarkt Beyer in Mainz, we want to perfect the interaction between physical & digital channels together.  

  • Hi Köln!

    We are your new tool cellar! From now on you can rent tools 24/7 via app.
    Our new location at the OBI DIY store in Cologne-Marsdorf is now ready for you with hundreds of professional tools!

    And now; get to work, dear do-it-yourselfers!

  • kurts x OBI

    New year, new opportunities. Attention doers: we are now collaborating with the OBI Group Holding!

    The collaboration is scheduled for approximately twelve months. The goals are clearly defined: Improve the customer experience and increase the conversion rate. Our new CEO, Benjamin Ferreau, says: "We are very excited about this collaboration with the leading DIY store in Germany - we are digital, disruptive and customer-oriented and we will now also prove this in Cologne with OBI".