Here’s your new tool shed
that really has it all.

We think: Every idea has the right to be realized. That's why we provide every creator, maker and do-it-yourselfer with just the professional tools he or she needs. Anytime via app – and charged by the minute. You start with a small minimum rental price, which includes all consumables and the first hours of use. This way, you don't just put your ideas into practice in a snap. You also save a lot of money, space and support the responsible use of resources. Great idea? Then off to the tool pool – and right into your next project.

Your kurts team

How it works?
It's simple.

Download the kurts app to your smartphone and sign in.


Check online which tools are available in a station near you.

Make reservations for tools and pick them up at the station 24/7.

Open the station with your smartphone and start your project.


As soon as you have returned the tools, you will get the bill: by email – and at the lowest rate possible.

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We love being close to you. That's why we're planning even more stops: all over Europe – and soon in your area, too.

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kurts, who are you?

We are a very (very) old family business that likes to strike new paths. Where to, we will tell you here.

Our tools

Discover our toolpool and look for tools in your area. Just select a station, choose a category and get started.

One cube, one city

Depending on the location, our stations come in two formats: one for the super-broad selection – and one for the city.


Daily news
  • Goodbye Bern, hi Hamburg!

    As of 21.04.21, our toolboxes in Bern and Schönbühl will make their way to Hamburg (Germany) to meet the growing demand in an even bigger city. One eye is laughing - and one is crying, of course. Because: all Bernese have grown quite fond of us.
    We would like to thank you for your trust on site and hope everyone was satisfied with our service and was able to successfully implement their projects. 

  • High five - the 5th station in Hamburg is opened

    Good news for DIY enthusiasts in Hamburg. In mid-January, we set up the fifth toolbox there. Our tools are now available throughout the city. With stations in St. Pauli, Harburg, Wandsbek, Bergedorf and now Eidelstedt, we are very close to our users. This makes Hamburg the capital of toolsharing in Germany

  • New Strategic Partnership Announcement: kurts toolbox and TeleSoftas

    kurts toolbox, the first tool sharing service worldwide operated fully by a Mobile App, is thrilled to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with TeleSoftas, who will act as the leading technology partner for the company. In addition, this transaction will allow TeleSoftas to become a meaningful investor alongside the Company’s founder, the Kurt König Group. The capital contribution will allow kurts to strengthen its mobile app platform, accelerate its deployment and support the Company’s continued growth expansion plan.
    “We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with our longtime partner TeleSoftas,” said Mr. Kurt König, Managing Director at kurts toolbox. “Their proven expertise in software and app development make our partnership a clear win for both companies and keep kurts toolbox ahead of the digital offering”.
    Mr. Algirdas Stonys, CEO and founder at TeleSoftas said “As we were present since the launch of the company, we are delighted to have the opportunity to further collaborate and to reach a common goal in creating a top-notch solution. As kurts toolbox continues to grow and expand, we want to offer more business value to its customers. To that extent, TeleSoftas is committed and motivated to achieve even higher customer satisfaction through intensive technology research and system enhancements according to the more recent trend of the digital industry.

    TeleSoftas provides product engineering, digital transformation & consulting services to clients worldwide. We help businesses build the full product from start to finish, including but not limited to UX / UI Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Enterprise Mobile, and Web Application Development. Founded in 2004, TeleSoftas team consists of over 230 top- level experts, engineers, and designers, based in Lithuania as well as Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Zurich. Founded on principles of networking, sharing, and open collaboration, we aim to improve society for everyone through cutting edge technology, innovation and know-how. To learn more about TeleSoftas please visit: