FAQ - our answers to your questions

Why should I use the kurts app for tool rental?
kurts is the best and easiest way to rent professional tools! Quick registration. Hourly & daily rates. No deposit required. Tools are ready to go and can be rented for as long as you need them - hours, days or weeks!

How do I rent a tool with the kurts app?
1.    Set up your kurts account
2.    Select the tool you want to rent.
3.    Select a station where you want to pick up the tool.
4.    Confirm your tool reservation.
5.    Go to the station you have selected.
6.    Pick up the reserved tool from the specified box.
7.    Use the tool for as long as you need it.
8.    Return the tool to the specified box of the pick-up station at any time.

What do I need to do to start using kurts?
To rent our tools, you must first create an account, successfully confirm your identity via Ondato and add your preferred payment method. Before submitting an order, you must also accept our terms and conditions and privacy agreement and be sure to read the instructions on how to use each tool.

How long does it take to set up a kurts account to fully use the kurts services?
Registering and setting up your kurts profile only takes about 5 minutes and is completely free.

Who can use kurts?
Private customers who are at least 18 years old, as well as companies and businesses that open their account with a corporate billing address.

Are there any restrictions on creating an account?
Unfortunately, we can only offer our services to customers who:
- are older than 18 years old
- have a valid passport, residence permit or ID card issued by one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Luxembourg.

What if I did not receive an email verifying my email address?
The email verification step is required to check if the email you provided is valid. If you don't see an email, you can resend it through the app. Also, check to make sure that the email didn't accidentally end up in the spam folder. If you still can't find the email, please contact our support at 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools.

Can I register a kurts account with the company name?
Yes, of course. Just enter your company details when registering and the invoice will be made out to the company name provided.

What is required to fully set up the account?
After setting up your account, you should complete your profile details to be able to use kurts services.
The steps to set up the profile are:
1.    Verification of your identity: All customers must confirm their identity to start the rental process. We use the service provider Ondato to verify the identity.
2.    Completing your contact information: A billing address is required in order to issue an invoice. In case there are any problems with your order, a phone number is also required so that customer service can contact you quickly.
3.    Your payment method should be linked to your kurts account in advance. You can choose between SEPA and credit card payment. For secure payment processing, we use the payment portal Stripe.
Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest level of security for payment processing.

What if I was rejected after submitting the required documents for identity verification?
Please carefully read the required steps for identity verification. Make sure that your documents are photographed in a good quality and that they are not expired. Additionally, make sure that all required front and back images have been uploaded and that no other person is present during the selfie or that the photo is taken against a neutral background. If you still have problems with ID verification, please contact our support.

When does the rent begin and end?
The rental period starts the moment you take the tool out of the box. The rent ends when you return the tool to us. The rent is charged by the minute, so you only pay for what you actually use.

How is the rent calculated?
The rental starts with the minute-by-minute billing of the usage. As soon as you reach the daily rate with the hourly rate, the daily rate is automatically applied. The rent is charged for the time you actually used the tool. If you rent long enough to reach the daily rate, a better daily rate will be activated that will apply for the rest of the day.

Can I cancel the tool reservation?
Yes, after you confirm the tool reservation, you have 4 hours to pick up the tool. If you change your mind, you can cancel the tool reservation during the free 4-hour pickup period. The cancellation is free of charge. If you do not pick up the tool within 4 hours, the tool reservation will be automatically canceled.

How long can I rent the tool?
There is no limit. You can rent the tool for as long as you need it. Depending on how long you actually use the tool, we will automatically charge you the cheaper rate. 

Can I use the rented tool immediately?
Yes, the tool in the box is prepared and ready for use. With our battery-powered devices, there is the possibility that only one fully charged battery is included. We ask for your understanding here.

What can I do if I have found a tool I need which is only available at another station?
In the detail view of the tool you are looking for, you can be notified as soon as this tool is available in the station you selected.

Are there any instructions on how to use the tool I rented?
Instructions, Manuals or YouTube videos on how to use each tool can be found in the app. You can read/view or download them at any time.

Can I also buy the tool?
To purchase a tool from the rental, please contact our support at 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools

What should I do if the tool stops working during my rental?
You can call the support that will help you to set the tool for further use.

What if I damage the tool during the rental?
If you have damaged the tool during the rental, please contact our support at 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools. 
All our tools are insured with a deductible of 250€.

What if the device stops working during the rental period?
Contact support at the hotline 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools

What are the rental costs? (see Tool rental - how is the rent calculated).
Each device has an hourly rate and a daily rate.
The hourly rate applies to short rentals and is charged based on actual minutes used.
The daily rate is applied for longer rentals and is automatically activated when the rental reaches a better daily rate and remains as the daily rate for the remaining day.
The next day the hourly rate is applied again until a better daily rate is reached.

Is a deposit required?
A deposit is not required.

What does the Maintenance Fee mean?
Some tools require additional inspection after use, such as replacing worn components, refilling consumables, or more frequent quality control. If this is the case, you will see an additional fixed charge near the rental price that applies to your entire rental and is used to cover wear and tear costs after the rental.

What do the kurts credits mean?
If you have a credit balance on your user account, this will be offset against the rental invoice when you return the tool. The total rental amount will be minimized by the credit.

How much time do I have to pick up the tools?
We give you up to 4 hours to pick up the tool. If the tool is not picked up within 4 hours, the tool reservation will be automatically cancelled. The cancellation is free of charge!

Can I extend the pick-up time?
No. You have up to 4 hours to pick up a tool.

What if I forgot to pick up the tool?
You have up to 4 hours to pick up the tool. If the tool is not picked up within 4 hours, the tool reservation is automatically canceled.

Should I inform someone if I want to return the tool?
No, you can return the tool at any time around the clock. The selected box will be reserved for your returned tool.

How can I unlock the station and the box?
If you want to pick up or return your tool, go to the view of your active order in the app and click on the "Pick up" or "Return" button. You will see the main door button, long press on it and the station door will open. Another screen will display a list of your ordered tools each with the number of the box they are stored in or are to be returned to. Long press on the respective tool and the box will be opened. If you want to pick up a tool from a cube box with an entry door, you will see the same screen with the entry door button. Press the button long enough and the station's front door will open.

What if the door of the box does not open?
If you have problems with opening a box, please contact our support at 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools. 

Can the tool be returned to another station? 
Unfortunately, you can only return the tool to the same station where you picked it up.

What should I do if I forget to return the manual and/or an accessory?
Please contact support immediately to arrange further details on how to return the accessory quickly and easily. Otherwise, it will be treated as a loss by kurts staff and another invoice will be issued for the purchase price of the missing part.

How is the total amount of the rent calculated?
The tool rental is only charged for the time you actually use the tool. The hourly rate applies until you reach the daily rate. If your rental lasts long enough to reach the daily rate, that daily rate is automatically activated and remains in effect for the entire 24 hours of the rental.
The next day, the hourly rate will be applied again until a better daily rate is reached. You can check the current total for your rental at any time in the app under the "Orders" tab.

How can I pay for the service of kurts?
We accept all major credit and debit cards worldwide. You just need to choose one of the payment methods and deposit it in your account. After you have completed the rental or purchase, you will receive an invoice. After that the card will be charged.

When do I have to pay the rent?
As soon as the rental process is terminated by returning the tool, we calculate the total amount to be paid. In the app you will see a summary of the entire order. This invoice is automatically applied to the specified payment method and billing is initiated. You will receive an email shortly after with the invoice attached.

What happens if there are problems with my payment?
You will be notified by email if there are any problems with your payment. We strongly recommend that you check your card balance or change your payment method. You can repeat the payment process via the app by clicking "Repeat payment" on your orders. If you still have problems with your payment, please contact our support at 0080058787460 or support@kurts.tools.