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We're making the idea of tool sharing even bigger!

We are making the idea of tool sharing even bigger – with our new partner feature! From now on, we will show you in more and more places which tools are available at your local rental company or DIY store just around the corner! You can easily request tools, book them two weeks in advance and rent them fully digitally with this feature.

In order to make tool sharing accessible to even more people, we are also digitizing the process of the old, analog way of renting with our new #kurts partner feature.

This finally makes us a platform. As of now, we are expanding the variety of our tools and thus our platform to include the range of selected partners throughout the country. In doing so, we are making use of existing infrastructures and tools and thus driving forward the sustainable use of resources. In this way, we are also supporting the #circulareconomy as a brand and digital product. As of today, dozens of tools are available at the first partner location in Göttingen, from drills to mini-excavators. The app generates a code for the corresponding rental object which can be collected from the partner on site - including a short instruction from the professional! Behind this is a powerful backend for all partners, including access to exciting #datainsights. 
Goodbye paper, telephone and availability transparency - hello new feature and #platform future! One more location will follow tomorrow, another one next week. Stay tuned! #toolsharing

DB Rad+ x kurts

From now on, users of the DB Rad+ app who are committed to sustainable mobility can receive rewards in the form of vouchers for kurts Toolbox. This collaboration combines two forward-looking concepts: environmentally friendly travelling by bike and flexible access to professional tools. Cyclists can now convert their kilometres collected with the DB Rad+ app into practical tool rentals. This not only promotes the use of bicycles in urban areas, but also supports DIY enthusiasts and professionals with their projects. 

Hey Hagebaumarkt Mainz!

The idea of tool sharing continues to grow! With a wide variety of partners in different cities, kurts toolbox makes profit tools easily available via app. We are now also collaborating with hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG in digital tool rental. At Hagebaumarkt Beyer in Mainz, we want to perfect the interaction between physical & digital channels together.  

At the beginning of December we were voted Digital Place of the Year by the digital agency of the Ministry of Economics in Lower Saxony as part of the #Techtide. Together with Bornemann Gewindetechnik and Graphmasters we were nominated for the award. We are pleased that our courage has been recognized and that we are one of the digital pioneers of the Lower Saxony economy. This motivates us to tackle the challenges ahead. The future will be good!

Hamburg becomes the tool-sharing capital

kurts toolbox is the largest tool cellar in the city. Since autumn we are represented with a total of four locations in the Hanseatic city. Beside the big Cube-Toolbox at the Rindermarkthalle there are City-Toolboxes in Harburg, Wandsbek and Bergedorf. All in all, hundreds of professional tools are stored all over the city. In no other city in Germany is there such a large tool-sharing service available, which enables simple tool rental 24/7 per app.

kurts awarded as "digital place"

In September we were awarded the title of "Digital Place" by State Secretary Stefan Muhle of the Ministry of Economics of Lower Saxony. The initiative of the Digital Agency Lower Saxony networks pioneers of digitization with each other. We are happy about the award and continue to work hard to make the topic of #Toolsharing big. Dr. Roy Kühne, member of the Bundestag, was also present.

Hello Hamburg!

We opened a Citybox in Hamburg on 8 April 2020. This means that tools can now be rented 24/7 via app in the Hanseatic city - contactless around the clock. The sharing innovation is anchored in one of the city's most vibrant districts - St. Pauli. Our station was built right next to the side entrance of the Rindermarkthalle on St. Pauli. In it, professional tools and machines of all kinds are piled up in 42 compartments, which can be rented 24 hours a day, seven days a week via app - from percussion drills to angle grinders and jigsaws to pipe cleaning spirals. 

Developing more station types

Expanding to urban areas requires new station types. In addition to our two-story "Cube" stations, we now offer "City" stations that mesh seamlessly into any city wall. In the future, these compact tool stations will store professional tools for everyday needs in the big city. 

New tool stations opened in Stade

In mid-September 2019, we opened two new tool stations in the Hamburg, Germany suburb of Stade. These are located in the same place as the first station: in the parking lot of the Toom hardware store in the Schölisch neighborhood. We received elated tool renters on opening day, who can now find professional tools on two floors west of Hamburg. What’s new? The station is the first to rent a Takeuchi mini excavator. It’s the next step in our continuous expansion and dedication to opening up stations in new cities and countries.

Digital Champions Award for kurts toolbox

At the “Digital X North” awards, we received the Digital Champions Award. In the category “Digital Transformation MSE,” we were able to impress the high-ranking jury with our design concept. The competition is held by Telekom and German trade publication Wirtschaftswoche. Fabian Schuster (CCO) and Marco Ivers (Brand & Design Manager) took home the award in front of 1500 industry experts at the Hamburg Fish Auction Hall. It’s an incredible honor and were are thrilled with the fantastic award.

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