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Hello Hamburg!

We opened a Citybox in Hamburg on 8 April 2020. This means that tools can now be rented 24/7 via app in the Hanseatic city - contactless around the clock. The sharing innovation is anchored in one of the city's most vibrant districts - St. Pauli. Our station was built right next to the side entrance of the Rindermarkthalle on St. Pauli. In it, professional tools and machines of all kinds are piled up in 42 compartments, which can be rented 24 hours a day, seven days a week via app - from percussion drills to angle grinders and jigsaws to pipe cleaning spirals. 

kurts toolbox now available in Switzerland (Schönbühl)

Ready, steady, grab the hammers and drills! Since 14 March 2020, Bernese citizens have been able to rent professional tools conveniently via app at the well developed Schönbühl site. The large toolbox is located at the Shoppyland shopping centre in Schönbühl. If the trend is positive, further pick-up points and a geographical expansion are quite conceivable. We are looking forward to many happy do-it-yourselfers. Together we will bring your projects on the road to success!

Measures for the containment of coronavirus

To keep the risk of infection with the coronavirus as low as possible, all tools are thoroughly cleaned after return. In addition, we only release the tools for rental after 48 hours at the earliest. If there are other do-it-yourselfers in the station at the same time, we ask you to wait just outside the station to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m. The pick-up and return process takes only a few minutes. As the entire service is maximally digitalised, there is only minimal physical contact anyway. Nevertheless we ask you to follow the recommended hygiene measures, such as thorough hand washing, before entering our toolbox. Of course you should not enter the toolbox if you feel ill or show cold symptoms. In this case, the DIY project will have to wait until you have cured yourself. We thank you for your support!

Hello, Lithuania!

In December 2019, we placed one of our toolboxes in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. For this event, four huge container building blocks had made their way from our production halls in Einbeck to the Baltic States. In January 2020, our first station in Europe finally opened its doors. We are curious about the reactions of the digital pioneer country and firmly believe that kurts will also inspire people here.

Developing more station types

Expanding to urban areas requires new station types. In addition to our two-story "Cube" stations, we now offer "City" stations that mesh seamlessly into any city wall. In the future, these compact tool stations will store professional tools for everyday needs in the big city. 

New tool stations opened in Stade

In mid-September 2019, we opened two new tool stations in the Hamburg, Germany suburb of Stade. These are located in the same place as the first station: in the parking lot of the Toom hardware store in the Schölisch neighborhood. We received elated tool renters on opening day, who can now find professional tools on two floors west of Hamburg. What’s new? The station is the first to rent a Takeuchi mini excavator. It’s the next step in our continuous expansion and dedication to opening up stations in new cities and countries.

Digital Champions Award for kurts toolbox

At the “Digital X North” awards, we received the Digital Champions Award. In the category “Digital Transformation MSE,” we were able to impress the high-ranking jury with our design concept. The competition is held by Telekom and German trade publication Wirtschaftswoche. Fabian Schuster (CCO) and Marco Ivers (Brand & Design Manager) took home the award in front of 1500 industry experts at the Hamburg Fish Auction Hall. It’s an incredible honor and were are thrilled with the fantastic award.

Press information

If you would like to learn more or write about kurts toolbox or are looking for printable images, just enquire about our all-inclusive press kit. If you should have any additional questions, our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Marco Ivers

Brand & Design Manager